Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Autumn Sky...

Saturday we went to Brookfield Farms to get a pumpkin...or two....and a gourd....oh, and a few ugly squash!

J took a ride on the horse-pulled carriage before we left!

They had 13 acres of pumpkins/gourds, etc!  We rode the tractor-pulled hay wagon out and was filled to the brim with moms, dads, and assorted kids!  Most were very excited...B is at the age where he was excited, but didn't want anyone to know it!

Here is our haul! Oh, except for the 3 little orange babies...I got those at the grocery store to add to my fall show table!  That big green and white one is a cushaw...the lady at the pumpkin patch said it was very fact, most of the canned pumpkin you buy in the store is made from cushaw squash. 

This is where the autumn sky comes in!  I went on the front porch to take a shot of my 'punkins' and J said, "Lissa, get a shot of this!"  I turned around just in time to snap this shot over the roof tops of our neighbors across the way...I love Autumn skies!

Oh, just wanted to say that the 1st 3 photos were taken on my new Blackberry!  I really couldn't believe the quality of these...I may start taking jewelry photos with it!!


  1. Love your pumpkin pictures, Melissa! That's so cool that you actually went in to the field and selected them. Your phone shots are is truly amazing the photos we can now take with our PHONES! The quality is incredible.

  2. Great pics! And happy Halloween!


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