Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October is the Month of the Rosary

so here are a few rosary bracelets and a new pocket rosary that  I recently finished.

I am getting ready for the annual St. John the Beloved Christmas Bazaar, so that means I may be focusing on more rosaries, chaplets, and rosary bracelets (some of my best sellers).
Czech Glass and Bronze

Larkovite and Sterling - I really like this "bookmark" style!

Swarovski, Czech glass and Bronze..my 1st time to use a magnetic clasp...I think I am in love :)

Pressed Czech glass flower beads, faceted glass, and bronze

Swarovski, pressed Czech glass and Sterling...the Czech glass bead is irridescent, and not so pink as the photo
I am hoping to finish up some new spiritual/rosary-themed items in time for the bazaar as well...they incorporate some totally new techniques for me and I am sort of excited :)  Stay-tuned!


  1. Well...I am in love! These are simply stunning, and so special.

  2. Melissa, your rosaries are beautiful..and I especially love the brass.
    How was Falling for Handmade?? I have not kept up with the CREST group lately, but what an active group they are!
    Your riveting is fantastic....like you've been riveting forever. But then again, your craftsmanship is always perfect.

  3. Beautiful, Melissa. I love your rosary work, and the bracelet rosaries are just gorgeous. :)
    Good luck for your show!

  4. Don't you love that Czech glass? These are beautiful. Love your little wrapped links on the first piece.

  5. These are lovely Melissa. Best of luck with the show.

  6. They're so beautiful -- I love the white opal Swarovski!


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