Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am committed...

1st and my family.

To him...we just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on the 20th.

To him...he'll be 9 in August...

and to him...sadly, we are having to prepare ourselves for his passing in the very near future (more on that later)
This is my 1st Art Bead Scene Blog Carnival post. This month's theme? Commitment! A deep subject...if you ask someone what they are truly committed to, they may have a hard time putting it in words...I know I am :) 

Besides the usual family, friends, and financial commitments most people have, artists can often make commitments to themselves....learn a new technique, sell a specific number of pieces, get published, etc.  These are all commitments/pacts that I have made with myself this year as a jewelry artist.  The sales and publicity hasn't happened yet, but I am working on venues.  Learning a new technique, well, that is a whole other animal.  I am anxiously awaiting the ArtBliss classes I signed up for!  Other commitments I have made have been accepting custom work that maybe a bit daunting, and participating in the Bead Soup Party Swaps.  Another commitment I made this year was to blog more looking for ways to motivate this, I committed myself to the ABS Blog Carnival. Blogging more consistently also means commenting on other blogs more consistently...who knows what great, cool things that can get you!  Just by commenting on other artist blogs lately I have been the lucky recipient of some very cool giveaways!

1st I won a bead from Jelveh Designs!  I used it in my May ABS Challenge piece. 

Next, I won some lovely lucite pieces from the sweet Andrew on the lookout for some cool stuff I am making with them.  Then, I won a cute bird house pendant from Jennifer Jangles...haven't decided what to do with that one yet. 

Most recently, I won a beautiful etched copper and beaded necklace from Sharon at Livewire Jewelry.  Check out the pretty card and wrapping it came in!

Where am I going with this?  I am getting ready to make more comittments!  Within the first few weeks of July, I will be hosting my own giveaway to pass on my tremendous good luck to my readers. Stay tuned! 

So, what is commitment to you?


  1. Hi Melissa - love your sandy man! Too cute.

    I have to say I am committed to finding "me" again. After having 3 daughters and sort of morphing into mother/wife for the past 18 years I kind of lost me in the proccess. Beading and blogging has really assisted in the journey and I find myself at peace much more than I had been. Yes, I still miss those crazy busy days of child care, and I do feel lonely sometimes, but I am coming to terms with the changes life brings.

  2. Melissa, you are such a sweetheart , thank you for sharing in my blog and giveaway! I hope to hear more from you!

  3. Setting small attainable goals is the way to go to stay committed. Sounds like you are on the right track for sure.
    I'll stay tuned for the give-away.
    I hope "kitty" will go in peace.
    God Bless

  4. I'm absolutely enamored by that bracelet!

  5. melissa, kudos to you for your discipline, courage and energy! when you put yourself out there, good things come your way--friends, confidence, affirmations, yet more knowledge...and soon, more sales!!! it's just a matter of time. you are an unusually gifted artist, and your work is unforgettable. utterly unique, with an earthy gracefulness and really exceptional craftmanship. I admire your skill and artistic vision!

  6. Aaaaahhhh, commitment. I've been feeling my commitment more strongly to the Air Force lately with the drama of a huge move in the hottest weather ever. It was crazy! I didn't even have a chnce to get through all the soup blogs, so I'm finally getting some reading on and loving it. I look forward to meeting you at ArtBliss in the fall!! Jen

  7. Melissa, I've been away here at the beach and trying to catch up. This is really a beautiful post...and the 3 pictures here of your family are wonderful.
    Oh my goodness that bracelet is out of this world gorgeous!!! You are one amazing designer.
    And can you send some of that luck my hit the jackpot winning give aways lately!!

  8. What a fun bracelet! Kudos to you for your commitment to blogging and trying new things.


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