Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art Bead Scene - May Monthly Challenge

With only a few days left in May, I finally finished my 1st ever challenge piece for Art Bead Scene.  This month, the challenge was based on the fabulous painting, The Juggler, by Marc Chagall.   I have always loved this painting, and as soon as I saw the green and blue (one of my all time favorite color combinations), I knew I had to create something.

Months ago, I won a gorgeous bead from lampwork artist Jelveh of Jelveh Designs in one of her generous blog giveaways.  I had been saving it for something special, and I think it really fit the bill for this challenge.  I also wanted to showcase my torch-fired enamel work that I have been creating lately, so after getting the stash all together, I set to work.  The design I had in my mind's eye, kept changing as I worked, though. Here is the final result after a bit of evolution from bracelet,  to necklace, and back to bracelet again!

My inspiration from the painting came initially from the color palette, but something else kept pulling me emotion was evoked that I can't verbally express, but I think I captured it!   I initially also included a tiny torch enameled bird charm to tie into the "bird-ness" of the painting, but in this last iteration, I decided it was not needed and took it off to be used in a future project.  I have named the bracelet "Keepin' the Balls in the Air" :)


  1. Wow! I love that bracelet! Nice work, and I think it springs nicely from the challenge painting. :)

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love it!

  3. this is soooo the winner. You captured the essence of the art perfectly! I love it!!


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