Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Birds of Happiness...

These little brass birds are everywhere!  I had some in my stash but didn't really want to use them because of that, but then I thought how cute they would be with some enamel.  I was also really wanting to try out my new tiny stamps I got from Fundametals.net , so I set to work.  Here are 2 pair of sweet birds, both torch-enameled, then embellished with hammered/stamped  sterling disks, Hill Tribe silver, and hand-wrought/embellished sterling earwires.

Clouds Float - Robin's egg blue w/ Swarovski

Fly - Cobalt and robin's egg blue

I can envision a whole "flock" of these birdies...I think next up might be Cardinals or Robins :)


  1. Beautiful! Wow, I really love those!

  2. Very nice! I had thought the same thing, those birds are everywhere, so try some enamel. Haven't gotten around to doing much with the enamel yet, my lampwork torch is super-hot and I haven't mastered it for enameling yet! Scorch, burn, ignite!!!

  3. These are really cute earrings, Melissa! Gosh, I don't have any birdies in my stash..need to get some.. I love them enameled!

  4. Wow, they are real cute. regards Stefanie


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