Thursday, April 1, 2010

A blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter, a bit early :)

We are off  to Jacksonville, Florida to visit Jesse's Mom, my Mom now, for Easter.  She just turned 86 (I think) in February, so all the kids are congregating there this week.  It should be memorable :)  I will take lots of photos.

Since I won't be back here until probably Tuesday of next week, just wanted to wish all of my dear readers a very Blessed and Happy Easter. 

I wanted to show you a few "yard" photos as well as what I have been working on...enamels!  I did these over the last couple days, and I used butane since I haven't hooked up my bigger torch yet.

Here are my favorites..destined to be earrings, I think!

It is really starting to bloom in Frederick...the D.C. cherry blossoms are supposedly peaking around now, so here are some Meman cherry blossoms from our tiny weeping cherry...

they are so gorgeous...haven't completely opened yet, but I'm sure they will be by the time we get back next week.

I didn't know my rosemary would bloom, but I found this today when I was walking around the house...I was so happy to have finally gotten a variety of rosemary that would "winter over" here!

I love you all...Happy Easter :)

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  1. Hi Melissa
    How was your trip to FL? I'm sure today you were unpacking and getting settled. I bet you were happy to see all of the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in the area upon your return.
    Your new enamel pieces are just are a natural! I just love those hearts especially.


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