Thursday, February 4, 2010

pearls and garnet...and snow

Just one of  several Valentine-themed pieces I have been working on...these earrings include big (10-ish mm) freshwater pearls, wrapped with gold-filled wire and embellished with lots of faceted garnet. 

I love all shades of garnet, but this deep, cabernet red really speaks to me.

On a completely different subject, it looks like we here in the DC suburbs are about to be hit with more snow...supposedly 1-2 feet over the weekend.  Now, I like snow, but enough is enough :)  I am scheduled to participate at the Frederick Arts Market on Saturday evening, but it looks like that will be cancelled.  Too bad...this was the 1st Saturday market the council was offering.  They said they would reschedule, but the day they have chosen, March 6, is already booked for my dear hubby would say, "draggo flip"!


  1. These are luscious!!! Love the garnet (one of my very fav stones) with the gold and pearls. I like the more casual wrapping style with the very elegant stones. U good!!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you make an extra pair for me? They would match my necklace perfectly!

  3. Your earrings are just so beautiful...I agree with Keirsten -so elegant!
    I'm sorry about the snow and your event on Saturday. Hmm....I wonder what you'll be doing on March 6th??


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