Friday, February 13, 2009

Will wonders never cease?!

I just love that phrase!  It is so corny and kind of sarcastic :) 

I am posting new work today, after almost 2 months dry spell (insert title phrase here).  It's definitely not the quantity I should be producing, but I like the quality, with the exception of having to redo one of the pearl earrings.

So, what do we have here...

2 new rosary bracelets:  1 with sodalite rondells, balinese silver, and a big freshwater pearl; and 1 with 8mm labradorite and more balinese silver...both triple-wire wrapped, of course!



Pearl, ocean jasper, mother-of-pearl, and garnet earrings...(this picture is before redoing the one earring - something happened to 1 pearl during my los/tumbling stage).


"Joysticks" - hammered and stamped sterling, embellished with wire and brecciated jasper.


Both pairs of earrings include handmade earwires - yay me!

I have some more stuff in the "almost finished" category that I hope to post this week!  Well, will wonders never cease?! (snort)


  1. Your rosary wrapping really is so perfect. How do you do that? Mine are so crooked! LOL!! Any tips on how to get this perfection? I guess its because of a lot of practice?

  2. It all looks perfect to me! I really love the "Joy" earrings.


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