Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sense Memory...

I walked into my office's kitchen this morning at 8:30 for coffee, and was overwhelmed with the aroma of vegetable soup.  Normally, I would be annoyed at early morning microwave aromas.  Initially, I thought "who eats vegetable soup for breakfast?"  This morning, however, a feeling of calm and well-being wafted over me and I was transported back to Myrtlewood Elementary school in 1967, where Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Beck stood smiling behind the cafeteria counter, ladleing thick, hearty homemade soup into big melamine bowls sitting on lunch trays with little compartments for everything.  Usually accompanying this bowl of yummy goodness was a homemade yeast roll and a huge, chewy homemade peanut butter cookie.   Heaven!

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  1. Hi Melissa. Thanks for dropping by my blog and thank you for the comment on the ring. It was frustrating, but it's still turned out okay!
    I love this cross even better now that it's LOS'd. I thought it would look better shiny, but I was wrong! LOL
    You've been doing some great wirework. YOJ would be to much pressure for me! Keep it up! Tammy


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