Thursday, August 28, 2014


It seems like the only time I write on my blog these days is when I have a Component of the Month post ...speaking of...stay tuned for my August creation featuring leather feathers by Rebekah Payne.  I keep trying to be better, but life somehow always manages to get in the way, and that is okay!

Last week I had the good fortune and opportunity to go up to Philly for the day and visit my Art Jewelry Elements gang and a few others at BeadFest!  I had a wonderful time, albeit a short one.  The 2.5 hour drive the directions indicated ended up being more like over 3!

L-R: Karen Totten, me, Sue Kennedy, Lesley Watt, Diana Ptasynski, Kristen Stevens (back), Jen Cameron (front), Linda Landig and Jenny Davies-Reazor

I, like most people these days, was on a budget, but was able to do some swaps and snagged some wonderful stuff!  Take a gander!

Cool lampwork headpins from Jen and Sue
I also participated in a Bead Swap hosted by Diana P.  My partner was Linda Younkman and she gave me a couple of cool Karen Totten rings and some polymer clay by Jeannie Dukic.  I made her a sampling of my morsels...a couple polymer clay pieces, torch-fired enamel, and  a molten morsel.

Diana made us "bead pimp" buttons to wear!
In other news, I re-joined the Earrings Everyday blog team for 1 post a 1st one back is up today, featuring earrings made with my torch-fired enamel and some of Jen Cameron's gorgeous lampwork headpins!

An eventful weekend is ahead starting with my baby boy's 13th birthday on Saturday...I can't believe it, can you? Then on Sunday, the AJE Component of the Month hop, and I am going to DC to meet Jenny Davies-Reazor and Lesley Watt for some touristy stuff. Fun, fun!

That's all for now...that's more than you've heard from me all year!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time at BeadFest. Thanks for sharing your goodies.
    Your earrings are so vivid and FUN. love them!

  2. It was so fun to see everyone at Bead Fest this year! you have a great collection of artisan beads to take home!

  3. It was great to see you at Bead Fest-what a fun weekend! You sure did score some fabulous beads! Love what you received for your swap.


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