Friday, January 3, 2014

AJE December Component of the Month...

featuring gorgeous polymer clay disks from Rebekah Payne of Tree Wing Studios.

Happy 2014, friends!  It has been a while since I have been on my blog...not since the last AJE Component of the Month challenge!  I wish I could say I will be better, blog more often, etc, in 2014, but there are only so many hours in the day!  I will try, however!

I love Rebekah's polymer clay disks...they are thick, with lots of texture, and the polka dots!  I love the polka dots! I had several ideas that rolled around in my head when thinking of what to do with these. The first to pop in was a bracelet, with similar sized, textured copper disks.  I waited a bit late for that however, since the Holidays with family were a priority.

I decided to keep it simple, and created a copper wire frame.  I annealed 14g wire so that it was pliable and wove it around itself in a ring, just a bit larger than the bead.  I was going to twist the ends in a decorative fashion, but underestimated the length I needed, so rather than scrap it and start again, I balled the ends, and pretended I meant to do that !

Finished with a copper swirl hook and a knotted leather cord, and a vintage smoky quartz drop I had in my stash.  I think sometimes a simple design, with a unique twist shows off a gorgeous focal in the very best way.

I have had so much fun in 2013 with the AJE Component of the Month challenges!  I participated in 10 of the 12.  Here's a little retrospective!

Now, go see what the other team members and guest designers created!

Guest Designers:
Ann - Bead Love
Melissa - Bead Recipes

AJE Team:
Kristen - My Bead Journey
Susan - Sue Beads
Rebekah - Tree Wings Studio
Caroline - BlueberriBeads


  1. I love seeing all your creations! I have to tell you that your wire work is amazing to me!!! I love the wrapping of Rebekah's bead!!!!

  2. Love your design! The balled wire ends look perfect, a happy accident! Loved looking through your years work too!

  3. Your wire work is amazing! Beautiful job for a beautiful bead!!!

  4. Melissa your frame is fabulous.

  5. Oh, I love it - that wire frame is really cool and who would know you didn't mean to ball the ends, they look like they belong there!

  6. Love this Melissa - Great setting and beautiful colour and texture.

  7. I am very intrigued, had to zoom in and see the details. I like how your twisted wire frame adds weight - physically and visually - to the bead to make it... speak louder. And I like the patterns of the twist and the dots together.

  8. Your call your design simple, but it is so different and interesting too. I love it! I admire the talent it takes to take a "mistake" and make it look intentional. That's definitely something I can't do (yet?) The retrospective was fun too. I had fun looking at all of those great designs!

  9. Anonymous4:40 AM

    It might look simple, but I'd say it is anything but! Love the way you framed the bead, it really adds another layer of interest to a lovely focal.

  10. That frame is so cool. I never would have thought to do anything like that!

  11. Ingenious design! Your wire frame is gorgeous, it really works so nicely with Rebekah's bead.

  12. Melissa! I'm impressed—this is the result of creativity short on time!? I love your wireworking. It really is a beautiful necklace. Thank you so much for playing along!

  13. I love your solution..."just ball it" and call it good! haaaaaaaaa Hugs from SC!


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