Saturday, August 31, 2013

AJE August Component of the Month...Molten Morsels

Happy Saturday. I can't believe we are at the last day of August already...the summer has flown by!

Last month, I was honored to created some of my Molten Morsels and sent them to the design team at Art Jewelry Elements, as well as choosing 3 guest participants.

Unfortunately, my piece is still a work in progress.  I have no excuses, for gosh sakes, it is my component!  I just let it live on my table for too long and since yesterday was my baby's 12th birthday, I had other things on my mind!  It has a great start though.

Aren't those Czech glass beads the juiciest things you have ever seen?  I made the drop similar to my other molten morsels, but added a hole so I could layer a torch-fired enamel flower and a millifiore headpin by Jen Cameron of Glass Addictions.  I also torch-fire enameled some small copper beads to add as accents.  The orange and blue really jumps out at me, and Jen's lampwork bumps everything up a notch!

I will finish it up this weekend and post the final design...stay tuned!  Now, go see what everyone else made with my morsels!


Perri Jackson
Hope Smitherman
Monique Urquhart

AJE Team:

Jennifer Cameron
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Sue Kennedy
Linda Landig
Kristen Stevens
Francesca Watson
Lesley Watt - Unfortunately, Lesley's component decided to take a vacation and hasn't shown up at her house yet :( But you can still go check out her great blog!


  1. Beautiful component and beautiful creation Melissa!! I love the way you layer one piece on to another to make something even more beautiful!!

  2. Yes, those Czech beads are making me hungry, Melissa (late getting started this morning and skipped breakfast LOL). Those colours together with your beautiful enameled beads are going to make for a stunning piece!

    IMHO celebrating a special birthday is the BEST excuse :)

  3. OH, Melissa. . . that drop is just yummy! And your use of the copper with the morsel works so well!! I cannot wait to see this piece completed. I'm sure it will be stunning when all's said and done.

  4. Happy birthday to your handsome young man! I have a beautiful 12 year old daughter. Fun times this year!
    I love your new components. Of course the key just screams my name! But they are all fab. The texture begs to be touched! I love the bright pops of color you are adding to this dark focal. Juicy is right! And that drop you made... oh, I want one of those! Thanks for sharing your talents. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. I like where this is headed. Your Molten Morsels are wonderful as is that darling dangle. And yes, those czech beads look good enough to eat!

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I really enjoyed designing with your Molton Morsel. Thank you for sharing with all of use. I love the layering on your tear drop. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

  7. Everything about your piece is juicy, Melissa! I really like that it is so 'talismanic' It was a joy to work with your component - and a special treat to be able to choose our display orientation - I had a blast and have 3 billion other ideas - thank you for the blast of inspiration!

  8. I love the color combination of the orange and blues. So pretty!

  9. Your work in progress is so much prettier than my complete fail. I am still working on my design and since this is my last day with my computer I am not sure when I will be able to show you it. Thank you so much for this component I truly love it!!!

  10. You had me with the dangle. I dont mind the WIP! Jen's lamp work and the enameled flower cap is great! Going to be a vibrant stunner.


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