Saturday, June 15, 2013

Studio Clean-up Progress!

2 weeks ago I shared my messy, cluttered studio spaces and vowed to clean-up by this week!

Ta Da!!

The best part is that I found a lot of things I forgot I had, and especially things I had been looking high and low for!

I bought this 6/20 enamel LAST YEAR! and having been looking for it for months!  The art deco images are from an Art Deco Opera Poster calendar that I have been hoarding...I cut them out, planning to use them with resin in some mixed media pieces, but they disappeared for a while!

Stop by Art Jewelry Elements to read more!


  1. I love cleaning because you find things you either forgot about or can not find. Studio looks great btw.

  2. I am afraid what I would find in my studio! It is so pun intended... To clean up my studio...I actually feel quite accomplished when I sit down again to create. It does not take long for me to mess it up again, either!


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