Monday, August 27, 2012

Middle School Blues

How did this boy...

turn into this boy...

seemingly overnight!!!  He is off to middle school today, riding the bus for the 1st time.  He will turn eleven on Thursday. He is holding a set of bells - his 1st middle school band percussion instrument.  He was happy not to have to lug his snare drum yet. You can see he is a bit embarrassed because the other boys at the bus stop were watching his proud Mom take his picture!

We got guinea pigs on Saturday...Ben has been wanting a pet so bad!  We got 2, so they would be friends and keep each other company!  They are sweet little girls, named Zelda and Samis, after favorite video game heroines.

Sorry for the blurry pictures...they wouldn't keep still!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Isn't it incredible? Dropped my first born off to school today... high school! At my alma mater, no less! Of course, there hasn't been a picture since 7th grade, but that doesn't mean I won't remember it. This is the first of many last firsts. Incredible and bittersweet.
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Just wait until he goes off and gets married and gives you grand children. I cried my eyes out this summer looking at my new grandson, remembering my boy when he was little. It all goes by so fast. So hang onto those moments- he will survive the photos!

  3. He is so, so cute! I hope he has a good day today.

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  5. Oh I know exactly howe you feel, Marie. This morning I am packing to take my"baby boy"to his freshmen year at college in Baltimore-5 long hours away from our home on Long Island! I have a photo of every first day of school-right through high school with the same embarrassed look on his face.(When they got older my kids indulged me by letting me take their photos on our front porch daughter than the bus stop!Lol!) Enjoy these years. They will fly by in a flash!

  6. My son also turns 11 this Thurday. What a neat coincidence! We don't start middle school until Sept 5th, and he is nervous already.

  7. Wonderful memories in these pics! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I always get nostalgic at this time of the year, remembering how I took a photo of my oldest son going off to Kindergarten for the his first day of school. I also have photos of him going to high school and college. It must be a "mom" thing, but the joy and memories are priceless! I hope your son enjoys middle school and soon, all too soon, all the rest. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone. Cynthia

  9. Isn't it amazing how time passed by? You couldn't tell that your kids are a grown up. You've already been with them on all of their first.

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