Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge

Sally Russick over at The Studio Sublime  hosted this cool challenge/blog hop based on choosing one crayon color and using as many colors in that family to create a piece of jewelry...easy, right?  Uh, not so much!

Here are my pieces....My color was green. It is my  "go to" color.  I knew I wanted to stick to enameled I made some flowers, discs and headpins and went to town.  Oops, after pulling my necklace together and getting it completely done, enamel started chipping off.  What?  I realized that since I had texturized my flowers, not as much enamel had stuck on one flower...lesson  learned. I kept going, though and wrapped the flowers along with tiny dapped and enamel discs, with copper headpins onto a copper wire structure I created.  I left one side open enough to use a hand-wrought copper s-clasp.  I embellished the focal with an enameled leaf charm and a couple of Czech glass flowers.

I had these discs that I enameled that I decided wouldn't work with the simple necklace, so I made a pair of earrings.  I wrapped them onto sterling chain and added some Czech glass beads as accents.

Thanks for stopping by...sorry  I am so late in posting...make sure you go and visit the other artists who created beautiful items  for this challenge/hop!

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Hosted by:

Sally Russick


Bobbie Rafferty


Linda Landig
Renetha Stanziano
Tanya Goodwin
Amy Severino


Heather Powers


Rebecca Anderson
Hope Smitherman
Alicia Marinache
Charissa Sloper
Sandi Volpe


Jenny Davies Reazor
Elizabeth Auld


Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Lori Anderson


Diana Ptaszynski
Janice Everett



  1. What darling pieces! I love your handmade elements, especially the sweet enameled flowers and discs! It was worth the wait to see these!!!!

  2. WOW!!! Melissa! Your enameling is fantastic!! I love all those enameled components especially the way you edged the leaf and the gorgeous flowers!!!
    Oh! I'm in love, LOVE, LOVE with those fabulous disc earrings!!!

    Thank you Melissa!! I'm so glad you were able to participate in the hop!!!

  3. Melissa,
    I love the simple but stunning necklace it is beautiful! I love the earrings too they are very pretty.

  4. Man...your skills with the torch fired enamel are just amazing! Combine that with your mastery of wire work, and I am just in awe! Just a beautiful job all the way around!

  5. beautiful work and amazed at your enamel skills! WOW

  6. I love those. The discs are beautiful and they do make the cutest earrings! I also love your necklace. It seems so dainty and sweet.

  7. Melissa, these are wonderful! I'm so impressed with the enameling, even if you had trouble with them. I particularly like the discs - so simple, but so beautiful.

  8. I love your enamelling work, and your designs are beautiful. You make green look great!

  9. Beautiful Melissa! Love the mix of colors in the earrings!

  10. How fun! The more I see, the more I think I may have to try enameling some time. I especially liked the dangly earrings. The colors are simply yummy!

  11. Really like what you did! Love the earrings!

  12. Oh my I don't care if you were late!! I love the enameling on both necklace and earrings. Oh I adore those earrings!!

  13. The flowers are really cool. . .chippy or not. And I ADORE those earrings. WANT!! You absolutely excelled at green. Awesome job.

  14. I second Hope^ The necklace is really pretty but THE EARRINGS! OMG THE EARRINGS! Excellent work :)

  15. I love those colors on the earrings! Wow they really POP! That is why I want to learn enameling. Beautiful designs!

  16. Very cool! Love the earrings!

  17. Oh, wow - gorgeous enameled beads! I love the elegant simplicity of both your designs - nothing to say 'wear me!' better than this :)

  18. Melissa, your necklace is so incredibly feminine and beautiful. I just love the design and the combination of colors. And those dangly earrings are amazing - love the shades of green mixed with yellow. I know these must look so eye-catching when worn - you'll be sure to get a ton of compliments! I can see working with green is a piece of cake for you!

  19. I love your enameled components and how beautifully you designed with them! The shades of green you chose are absolutely lovely!

  20. Wow! Those earrings are So Much FUN!!! They are great colors and have great movement :-)

  21. Stunning work, and I LOVE those earrings...I beat they make a great tinkling sound when you wear them :-)

  22. Love your enameled flowers and discs, they make a great necklace and earrings. Just Lovely!

  23. I adore those earrings and the fact that you employed the full gamut of yellow-green, blue-green, spring green, teal green. Just yummy!

  24. Your enamel pieces are really great! Love how you used them in your beautiful necklace and earrings.

  25. Ooh those domes in the earrings are delicious! Of course your pieces are lovely, as always. But those domes, the colors! Yum!


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