Friday, March 30, 2012

Arrow of Light

From this 6 year old Tiger Cub....

to a big 10 year old Boy Scout!!!

His den leader has been a part of his life from Tiger all the way into Boy Scouts...I knew I would be creating something special for her...she sees the "special" in Ben and has been in his corner from the beginning.   I thought she deserved a unique tribute.

This is a copper disk that I flooded with solder. I found a simple fleur-de-lis pattern that I printed and cut out...After tracing it onto copper sheet, I cut it out and filed, sanded, and sanded  some more.  I texturized and stamped it into a rustic shape and embedded it into the soldered disc.  After embellishing it with a bezel-set lapis cabochon, I hung it from sterling chain.  She loved it!

I am so lucky and blessed to have had her in Ben's life during Cub Scouts, and now doubly blessed to know that she is going forward with him in Boy Scouts!  Thank you Janice...we love you!!


  1. How could she not love it, that turned out awesome.
    Congratulations to your son on his move up to Boy Scouts.


  2. I wanted to cry after seeing the first two photos...why does time have to go so quickly..I keep telling mine to stop growing,but they dont listen to their momma.
    I think its a beautiful gift.xoxo Cat

  3. You are so creative Melissa! I agree, how could she not love it? Congratulations to Ben, an exciting new path ahead!


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