Saturday, January 21, 2012

1st 2012 Sledding....

Just a few shots of the boys having fun on a bit of snow/ice on the hill up the street.  I think B got about 20-30 runs as J and I walked up and down the hill for exercise!  It was cold, crisp and beautiful! Then home to dinner and a movie!


  1. Looks like the best kind of winter day~!

  2. Seems like so long ago now that we had that ice and snow! We've sure had a warm few days! Thanks for sharing your sweet pics!

  3. CUTE! We've only gotten a dusting of snow this entire year and I'm rather upset about it.

    By the way -- I got completely lost and mesmerized by the new jewelry you've made -- I so want it all, and the talent to think as you do!


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