Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stopping in to say hello...

Have been catching up on  family time/home life lately, so haven't been online much!  I missed you!

I've been recovering from a crappy jewelry show on the was a cold and rainy day which pretty much killed my hopes of making any real profit that day. Bummer! But, onward and upward!  That was our first blast of Autumn here in Maryland...the leaves are changing colors, and you can just smell it in the air!  This past weekend, we enjoyed absolutely gorgeous weather and spent it outside almost the whole time.  While the boys worked on painting/waterproofing the back deck,  I planted some pretty garden mums and a few pansies in our front beds.

The rest of the week has been taken up by "old lady" medical tests...not fun, by any stretch of the imagination, but they are all out of the way (for a while) and so far, aside from cholesterol levels, and the need to lose a few more pounds, have been declared healthy!

On the jewelry front, I am caught up with custom orders, and am trying to get all the new stuff I didn't sell at the crappy show into my websites.  Other than that, I have only been playing when time allows.  I do have a couple of things that I would like to show you though, that I am pretty pleased with :)

This little birdy began at ArtBliss in Deryn's Wax On class...I cut the copper shape out, but put it away for later!  I decided to flood it with solder and add some texture, but decided it needed wings!  The malachite eye is a result of my Richard Salley class!

I have had this yellow calcite (I think) cab forever...I bought it ages ago and was going to do a woven wire bezel on it, but after playing with creating bezels for resin and embedding filigree into the flooded solder, I decided to try and set the stone.  Obviously, this is an untraditional bezel setting, and it has flaws...I didn't realize how soft the stone was - nicked it and scratched it!  Thought I had a great fit with the bezel wire, but forgot that this type of soldering will take up more space...ruh, roh! However...I love it!  It is mine! :)

Stay tuned for my "Virtual Book Tour" post on Monday, 10/17, where I extol my love and admiration for all things Barbara Lewis!  Who knows, I might even show up here before then and surprise you...that is, if stinkin' Google lets me post images....anyone else having issues with that?


  1. I love what you did to both your pieces..very creative!
    That little bird is so darn cute and I love the wing addition.

  2. Sorry about the crappy sales..that stinks.
    Love the new pieces,the birdie with that texture in the solder is Yummy!!Hugs,Cat

  3. These pieces are so beautiful and creative Melissa! Really beautiful!

  4. I really like both of your pieces Melissa, the little bird is adorable and I can surely understand why you are keeping the pendant for yourself it is gorgeous.

  5. Love your birdie, especially! Sorry about the crappy sales. It happens heh? But then who can stay in a funk for very long when you've got gorgeous autumn weather and plants to put in.

  6. Darling bird~~! And I love your yellow cab with the untraditional bezel setting.
    Too bad about the crummy work so hard to prepare. RATS!
    Hope you get that cholesterol whipped into shape my friend!

  7. Oh Melissa, love the new pieces inspired by artbliss! I have been playing with bezels too! Sorry about the show but am glad to hear your health report card is all good!


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