Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Painting with Fire Fun

Hi folks...finally getting a chance to stop in and chat for a few minutes. Hot and dry in Frederick, MD and my creativity has been on vacation for a while, it seems.  It has finally found it's way back home, happily!

This past Saturday, I attended a great workshop in Annapolis given by the sweet and gracious Barbara Lewis! It was the next step after her original Painting with Fire class…this time we added liquid enamels and stenciling to the mix.

The Painting with Fire Goddess, herself!
I had a blast! Not only did I learn new, very cool techniques to add to my enameling arsenal,  but I got to spend time with a handful of my jewelry bud, and made some new ones as well.  I hitched a ride from Fredneck with my good friend Carol Wingfield Myers, and new friend Bette Brody, then met up with Laura Twiford from Souvenirs from Life, Jen Velasquez from Jen Judd Rocks, and Elizabeth from Beads for Busy Gals.  Jen, Elizabeth and I went out to lunch and had the best time eating, talking and laughing!  The really cool thing is, I will be seeing most of them again at ArtBliss in September!  Yay!

The happy bunch...Anne, Carol, Mike, Betty, Laura, me, Jen, Elizabeth, and Barbara (oh, and Jim in the back!)
A little rough, but I like them!


  1. You must have had so much fun! Wish I could have been there~~thanks for sharing your projects. :-)

  2. I would love to have been there. One day maybe I'll get to meet you. We're not so very far away now. At least not by TX standards :-)

  3. Ohh, I wish I could meet all of you some day. Why is it so far away? :-)

  4. It was a really fun day and I can't wait until Artbliss too! I like the new background you have with that cozy looking quilt! Still covet your earrings!

  5. Looks like a fab time Melissa!! Your enamaeling looks great!

  6. Melissa, what a treat to take another class with the amazing Barbara! And to see so many jewelry friends on top of it all - what a great reunion. Wish I could have been there!!


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