Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BTW, June 1 - Or, what I did on my day off :)

So, as I was saying in my last post, I took an extra day off from my 9-5 this past was a wonderful break to have an actual 4-day weekend!  Luckily for me, I had a good part of the day to myself, so I put aside my guilt pangs about not cleaning the house or pulling the stupid bermuda grass out of my flower beds and went to my dungeon basement studio and played!

First I enameled...

I have been playing with some pretty color combinations with new transparent enamels I got from Ms. Barbara.  My goal for the little charms will be to fill them with words and/or images and resin...I have some matching pairs (not shown) that will be earrings, other singles will be charms.

After a while, I decided to pull out my solder and practice my Homesteading skills!

These didn't turn out quite as I had hoped...too much solder on the disk before adding the filigree, but they definitely have potential...will be making some more.

These were experiments with using dapped copper washers as a flared worked!  They will be getting an image/resin treatment!
And, last, but definitely not least, my favorites...

These have been in my head for a while, just had to find the gumption to sit down and try!  They aren't perfect, but I don't care.  I am going to dangle some pretty briolettes off the ends, I think.  I will absolutely be making more of these!

So, I have my work cut out for me!  Now, to just quit my day job so I can concentrate :)

What's on your bead table today?


  1. What a great weekend! Your enamel colors are wonderful. I am signed up to take another one of Barbara's classes in July up in Annapolis...can't wait!

  2. Melissa, I am completely astonished at how much you could fit in to a creative session - ideas all over the place and all are just fabulous! Love the enameled beads and the soldered pieces - just love them!


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