Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday, finally, and some new stuff :)

So Heather, over at HumbleBeads does this cool blog/Flickr group called Bead Table Wednesday's and I joined, but then of course things kept getting in the way of my actually posting!

I had pictures all ready to go last week and am not sure what happened...they ended up on Flickr, but I never got a post done...anywhoooo...

Here is my photo for today.  Please note, I work in about 4 different places in my house.  My actual bead table is so completely covered, it is scary!  I have another space in the basement with my enamels and torches.  So, today's photo is all laid out on the dining room table - MY FAV PLACE TO WORK!

Here you will see a copper component I just finished - it was a trial one I fell in love with in the latest SBS Wire, by Dia Daniels.  It was going to be earrings, but it is just too honkin' big, so maybe a pendant.  Also shown are 2 pairs of enameled tube-y/rice shaped brass components that have been wrapped in copper wire and have little Czech glass flowers dangling - sweet, no?  There are also some very fun Czech glass beads I just got from Arte Bella that I want to incorporate somewhere. 

So, last week I took this photo of a bunch of Valentine-themed things I was working on...still am!

 Here are a couple of pairs of earrings that I finally finished....

Fun Czech glass beads from Arte Bella, textured copper washers, wrapped onto my sterling earwires

Swirled, hammered, and stamped copper wire, with faceted carnelian dangles, my sterling earwires

So, what is on your table?


  1. I know...lots of times, things get in the way of blogging and I loose track of time. I love that copper component! so cool...I'll have to check out the magazine again.

  2. I can't even find my bead table right now. The copper component is just lovely. I looove czheck glass. I can see those pieces worked into what you have laid out.

  3. Table is a mess right now!

    It's funny, but I just ordered from Arta Bella yesterday, such pretty things she has!
    Your creations and wirework are always beauties, I am lovin those reds!

  4. Lots of pretties! I'm sure enjoying your productivity~ LOVE the Swirly earrings with carnelian.

  5. Melissa, my goodness you are busy! No wonder you have work set out in 4 areas! Although you have many projects going, you have many completed as well! Yes those swirled wire/flower earrings are sweet, and I love the hammered copper earrings as well!

  6. My husband took the hint and bought me those awesome red/black bead copper earrings for Valentine's Day. I LOVE THEM! But of course you knew that, didn't you? Make some more and put them on Etsy. I guarantee someone else will love them as much as I do!


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