Monday, December 6, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel...

Okay! Had my last show of the year on Saturday and it pretty much sucked :)  I know these things are always hit-or-miss, but geesh, the place was packed with folks, it was very festive, people stopped to touch everything, ask me questions, but then would just wander off.  And I kept seeing folks with bags so I know they were in the buying mood for some things.  I always second guess myself - is my stuff too pricey? not pricey enough? too artsy?  not artsy enough?  Arrggh!

I still have several custom orders to finish and a deadline to meet which I hope to complete within the next couple days, then I look forward to practicing some new things I have been learning through some online classes I haven't had time to keep up with. And of course, getting the house ready for Christmas and doing fun holiday things with the family :)  B and I went to his Cub Scouts den meeting yesterday and did some fun art projects and I think we will be making holiday cookies together this week.

I still intend to have a holiday sale, so watch for the announcement at any time...I need to get my latest show inventory loaded into my shops.

In the meantime, here are a few new earring pairs that I created this fall...same basic design - formed and textured wire, but 3 totally different looks.

bronze wire embellished with copper
copper wire, embellished with sterling

sterling with pink sapphires and tourmalines
Happy Monday to you all - I'm hoping that light I see at the end of the tunnel isn't that proverbial oncoming train :)


  1. Well, if it helps at all. I love your earrings and I would wear them!

  2. I'm with you...when I have a crummy show I always start to second-guess myself. Augh!

    However, those earrings are incredible! I love your gift for swirly wire designs and the way you wrap the finer gauges so neatly. I totally can't do that. :)

  3. Those are gorgeous -- and I'm SO glad to have gotten to see you!

  4. I think they're gorgeous! Sometimes jewelry can be a tough sell. Things you think will sell - don't and things you think probably won't sell, seem to fly off the shelf! Go figure, huh?! :)

  5. I so looooove your wirework Melissa! These are all beautiful!
    I second guess myself all the time, but I just keep pushing it aside! You read the page from my journal today, right?...."Always act like you are wearing an invincible crown!"

  6. Melissa, please do not second quess yourself! I've seen your work in person and it sure makes ME second guess myself! You are amazing at what you do. And your new earrings are all wirework in perfection! :-)

  7. These earrings are so very cool! I know about second-guessing yourself, but I think it's about the economy, not about you...rats!

  8. That's to bad Melissa, sorry to hear the show was a bust! Your work is fabulous, don't second guess yourself...maybe it was the venue? It's a hard sell right now. Your earrings are great!

  9. I like them so much that I am featuring them on my I'm your fan friday post. I know how hard it is to forge things so evenly. Your work is awesome.

  10. Melissa you have done a great work with the wire...looks very feminine and the touch of a little color from the stone also makes it exclusive.


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