Friday, May 14, 2010

Who am I?

No, I'm not having an identity crisis, nor am I suffering from amnesia after falling and hitting my head :) 

I remember listening to stories my Daddy would tell about his was less than a year older than he was.  Another younger brother died at the age of 19.  My Mamma told stories as well...she and her twin sister had to work in the fields...wearing handmade sun-bonnets!

I remember some of these stories, but I want to know more!  Sadly, everyone I could ask is gone now.  Technology is wonderful, however, so I started a trial membership to I am hooked!  I am having a blast following the hints and leads they give and adding folks to my family tree.  One of the coolest things is seeing other "trees" with the same folks in it, knowing you are distant relatives.  I have done pretty well on both my Grandpa's roots, unfortunately, am at a stand-still with my Grandmother's...I can't pin anything down on my paternal grandmother other than spouse/kids and where she lived.  I have my maternal grandmother's parent's names, but that is all.

Next, I guess I will try to tackle Jesse's roots...more difficult since both his parents are Filipino and were born and raised in the Philippines...we've been trying to get his Mother to write her memoirs about growing up there during the Japanese occupation.

On the jewelry front, I have been busy with a few custom orders, and playing with enamels!  I am working on a submittal for Art Bead Scene's May challenge that I hope to have finished soon!  Stay tuned!


  1. That is so cool Melissa!! Have fun with it :-)).

  2. LOL! Last comment was a typo, so I deleted it.


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