Monday, April 26, 2010


2 new pair of earrings made this past week to bump up my inventory for Sunday's Arts Market...don't ask!  Okay, you can was totally a bust.  The cold and damp day made for virtually no foot traffic, and the ones that did venture in must have left their wallets at home :(

Both pair started with copper heart blanks that I hammered to soften the edges and punched.  I then enameled them using my new torch-firing knowledge, c/o Barbara Lewis and finished them off with some pretty Hill Tribe silver beads and hand-wrought sterling earwires.

This week's goal is to get all my recently created pretties into my shops...can't sell them if no one can see them ;)


  1. Well, it is their loss! These are beautiful! It's hard enough to get sales these days at art markets without Mother Nature mucking it up!

    Love what you're doing, Melissa, with the enameling.

  2. Wow, those hearts are really cute! regards Stefanie


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