Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I saw my shadow this morning...can I go back to sleep?

I have been having a heckuva time draggin' myself out of bed the last few mornings for my "day" job...I know I stay up too late, but by the time Jesse gets home, and we have time together, I have no time to do any jewelry work unless I stay up.  I have always worked that way, but it eventually catches up with me, or should I say, I am continually playing catch up...

This past Saturday was Pinewood Derby day for Ben's cubscout pack...he brought home an award for best craftsmanship!

Every picture of him taken that day shows this same, "not sure if I really want to smile, but I'll hold my mouth a certain way" kind of look!  I tried to take a bunch of candids, but my telephoto lens made everything blurry...hopefully his dad got some good shots and I can post more later.

Last night I applied for my very first juried show...the Frederick Festival of the Arts.  I have vascilated back and forth about applying...it is a 2 day outdoor show, and if accepted will have to get a tent and tables.  I am so used to doing indoor venues that supply tables and chairs, I'm not sure if I am ready for the big time!  They probably will take one look at my improvised "booth shot" Jesse helped me create last night and say "Next!"...thank you sweetie for your help :)

Have been immersing myself in Valentine-themed jewelry...or at least things within a "valentine-y" color pallette.  I have also been using copper a lot lately...here is a pair of earrings using copper washers, and some really pretty porcelain jasper briolettes.  I wanted to use sterling earwires, though, so I embellished them with copper beads and wrapped the brio with sterling wire.  The photo isn't the greatest...will re-shoot these before listing.

Will be posting some more pretties later in the week...stay tuned!


  1. Oh!! I remember those pinewood derby days well. So much fun!

  2. Your new earrings are just gorgeous. I have to say I've always thought your wirework is just PERFECT!
    Look at your son's snazzy car!!! My 2 oldest did the Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago...one did the Mach5and the other did a Deora (HotWheels car).

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Beautiful earrings ! I love them ! :)Debra in California


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