Friday, June 19, 2009

School's out for Summer!

Tuesday was the last day of school here in Frederick...the first real indication that it is summer!  We have absolutely no summer plans...can't really afford a vacation right now, so we will probably be just bumming around the house, backyard, and pool.  I think we will be using my vacation time for work by taking some day trips and doing some touristy things in downtown DC, and some of the historic outlying areas.  We haven't done the Smithsonian or Art Galleries with Ben...and need to hit the National Zoo again and maybe the Aquarium in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

I picked up Ben from school on Tuesday and he came through the door with this hat, so excited to be leaving the 2nd grade and getting ready for a fun summer!



  1. He's so cute!! My little guy has his last day of 2nd grade today! Half day and then his Pop-Pop is taking him out to lunch. :) They grow so fast....

  2. He's adorable! I was mine was going to 3rd grade instead of college!

  3. uhh! That's I WISH not I was! LOL

  4. very cute hat - and photo! He looks like a natural! You're so lucky to be near DC and all the free museums - I'm completely jealous! {:-Deb


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