Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amethyst, Peridot and nightmares of coiled wire...

I've been working on increasing inventory, and trying to design more simple pieces that don't take too long to complete, thereby keeping the price point lower.  Unfortunately, I keep being drawn to more ornate, complicated designs that go round and round in my head, get started, put down, picked back up (rinse, repeat), until finally they get finished.  It's my normal work cycle...I should just come to grips with it :)

Here is the latest piece that was started back around originally was going to be a circle with the little coiled components inside.  I did the inside first, got the circle hammered and didn't fit.  Okay, I uncoiled some and tried again...nope.  I ended up completely redoing the inner part and opening the circle then it was almost Easter :)  I finally finished it off at about 2 am, the morning of my last show.



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