Thursday, May 14, 2009

Only a couple days left to enter my earrings giveaway...

Hmm, I was really hoping to have more comments/entries for these cute mixed-metal earrings!  I thought I had more readers...I mean, they are free :)  I will be randomly selecting the winner on Saturday evening @6pm EST, so get to work!


  1. Just wrote you a loooooooooong comment in the post below. LOL!!
    I just tweeted about your giveaway, but I don't know how to show you the link. now I am going to the Etsy twibe, handmade twibe, mommy twibe and a bunch of other twibes I am member of to tweet about this.

  2. Ok, just tweeted on Etsy twibe and Crafts twibe. Those got tweeted through my list again. Now its night, so I think I'll tweet the rest of the twibes tomorrow so more people get to see it. I also posted this message on the spiritual message board I go to. And tomorrow during day time I will write this on my Facebook too. I hope you get lots of traffic and entries. I'm really puzzled why hardly anyone got to know of this.

  3. I just wrote about you on my facebook. And I tweeted again. LOL! I will go tweet the twibes too spread over the the entire day so more people get to see it. I can't believe it that so few people got to know about this lovely giveaway!
    Following you on my twitter. If you want to join me at facebook, my name there is Swati Nigam, and look for the profile picture with me wearing something bright yellow and white. :-)


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