Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is the 1st Saturday night before Easter Sunday in at least 10 years, that I haven't had an Easter Vigil was nice being home and not having to worry about last minute Easter Bunny prep!

Ben and I had a great time with the is a photo of "almost finished"...we actually did about 6 more, hoping to use the shrink wrap stuff that came with the kit, but alas, even with microwaved hot water, the darn stuff wouldn't melt.


Hope you all have had a wonderful Holy Week and Happy Easter!


  1. Oh, those are SOOO pretty!!
    Happy Easter!!

  2. They are really very pretty!!!

  3. They're so pretty!
    I didn't even dye any eggs! My 2 sons are grown, and my granddaughter had her own eggs. I did have a great day with family though.


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