Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Etsy Shop...Melismatic Rosaries!

Hi all!  Well, so much for posting new jewelry once a week, eh?  I have been completely in a non-creative mode for the last few weeks...lots of personal turmoil about my path forward!

One of the decisions I have made is to somehow try to separate my jewelry-making/designing from my rosary business. While I will continue to design and make rosaries, I am experimenting with a new shop on Etsy that is solely for them...Melismatic Rosaries.  You singers/musicians out there probably know that a melisma is a florid grouping of notes that are sung on 1 syllable of text - think Gregorian chant or Mozart aria (not the silly hip-hop or R&B mess that every pop singer out there tries to do:) ).  It is also a play on words with fact, a couple of choir directors in the past have jokingly called me "Melisma Meman" :).

For now, my website will still include rosaries, but I will be implementing their new name! I haven't really decided about ArtFire and 1000 thinking that both those venues will just be specific types of jewelry, but am still working that out in my head!

new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(6849471, 'shop','thumbnail',3,4).renderIframe();

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  1. Your rosary wrap is the BEST I have seen. It looks just 100% flawless...perfection! :-)


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