Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Melissa Meman Designs Now Available on 1000 Markets!

So, I've been hearing about all these alternatives to selling on Etsy...DaWanda, Mintd, WinkElf, and so on, but haven't been terribly impressed with any of them.  However, I stumbled upon 1000 Markets a while back and decided to try them out.  Keeping my fingers crossed...will give you an update down the road!

I have listed about 10 items so far and will try to list a few a day.  I have my last show before Christmas on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the infamous "Black Friday"...supposedly the busiest shopping day before Christmas.  We will see!  I am back at the Frederick Arts Market from 10 - 6.  While I should be feverishly cranking out items, I am in the creative "doldrums".   I think I am a bit depressed about the seemingly lack of interest in my work lately and have been second guessing everything about my jewelry-making skills and designs.  I just received my "Step by Step" Wire magazine, and about half the work featured in there has been in my mind to create for sketchbook full of the same ideas, but others always seem to get there first....wwaahhh, pity me!  Okay, I'll stop now!


  1. Hey Melissa! I'm on 1000 Markets too. It's Tammy's Treasures there and I'm in the metalcraft market. So far zero! :( See you there.

  2. I was pretty impressed with the looks of 1000 markets. I'll be interested to hear about your experiences. I've been doing research lately on opening a second shot and they all have their pros and cons.


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