Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


The man has to work tonight, so I will be on Trick or Treat duty...The boy is dressing as "Darth Vadar" and is very excited...he has a light saber and everything!  We will have to turn out all the lhouse lights while we make the rounds through the soon as his bag is full enough, we'll go back home, light up the jack-o-lanterns we carved last night and hand out treats.  My goal is to hand out everything so that I won't eat it!

I was going to show a costumes through the years photo parade, but it looks like I can only find 2006! Here is the boy in his "Dash Incredible" costume from 2 years ago...he is so cute, with the fake muscles :)   Last year, he was "Wolverine" from the X-Men which was a shiny, yellow and blue costume with plastic claws...he loves to pull these 2 old costumes out and run around the house in them!

Costume session2

Hope all my bloggy friends have a fun and SAFE Halloween! 

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  1. He's so adorable! Y'all have a safe and happy Halloween!


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