Friday, October 3, 2008

Etsy Front Page!........about 2 months ago :)

So I am just web-browsing in sort of a willy-nilly sort of way today.  Just wound up on Etsy Forums and read a thread about old Etsy front pages.  Followed a link to Flickr where this cool group archives them.  I casually enter "melissamemandesigns" in the search function, you know, just in case, expecting to see "0 instances found"......

but found this, from August 8! Woo hoo!  Imagine my excitement if I had known about it at the time!



  1. How cool is THAT?!!! I've never been on the front page. My photos suck too bad! LOL
    I love the new blog, too!

  2. Congratulations!
    I was on the Front Page once and only found out about it by accident. It was still exciting - kind of hope it happens again. :)

  3. How brilliant!! Well done you! *wonders if Healingstones has ever been on front page* I'll have to check that site out (ever optimistic!!)


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