Friday, July 18, 2008

New Necklaces!

Finally! I have actually had these made for a while, but things have been very stressful at work and at home, so I have just gotten around to taking photos, such as they are. I am so behind in YOJ, so these will be posted there as well, but they don't actually get me current.

1st one is a before and after... The man bought me this blister pearl necklace about 10 years ago, because I loved the heart shaped blister pearl focal. I wasn't going to buy it because I knew I could make it myself. It turned out to be one of my favorite necklaces though...very simple, but beautiful. Plus, my love bought it for me :) Fast forward to last month, the heart popped out of its bezel, it had been glued, and I am pretty sure was base metal. Finally, I thought to myself, I have an excuse to remake this necklace! I used Eni's netted bezel tutorial and wrapped-loop links for the pearls, then added another strand of sterling chain to give it a bit more heft.

Serpentine Drop... I have had a strand of these multi-colored serpentine (aka "flower jade") beads for a long time...they actually are drilled at the wide end so they are meant to hang like teeth. That was how I originally meant to wrap this pretty, melon-y green one, but when I got my base hammered, I realized I had left the wire for the bail on the wrong end...oh well, the next one! The "Eni" netted bezel is cool, although I was having a hard time getting my loops consistent, but as you can see from this little flurry of activity, this technique is addictive! I marvel at how long it took me to decide to try it! The rest of the necklace is prehnite rondells in a more translucent melon green than the serpentine focal, and some leftover creamy fw pearls from the redone blister pearl necklace. I oxidized it lightly.


Last, but not least, Verts...How many ways can you say "Green"! I will probably eventually use them all in jewelry descriptions! You all know by now, I have a thing for all shades of green! This is another bead I have had in my stash for a long time. I actually had it wrapped "briolette" style and just hung on a chain, but decided it was boring, so this time I went to Delia Stone's lace needlework tutorial to figure out how to embellish it.  The necklace also features moss agate tubes embellished with a herringbone wrap, tiny aventurine heishi, balinese and Hill Tribe silver.


I have about 10 other pieces in various stages of completion, but will be out of town for a few days, so probably won't get anything else posted for a it is, I doubt these will be on my website or etsy until I get back...


  1. Wow, these are SOOO pretty! I really like the natural look.
    Great job,

  2. Tammy4:47 PM

    I love them all! You did a great job on the bezels. They are awesome!


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