Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So, my day job office has a committee that plans all this employee-moral boosting stuff.  Usually, it just makes most of us roll our eyes and plan to be conveniently "out of the office" when events are held - well, at least me!

This Spring, however, they have planned a fitness challenge that involves wearing a pedometer all day and counting your steps.  We are supposed to form 4-person teams and track our daily steps for 8 weeks, with prizes and frivolity ensuing...yeah, I know.   Anyway, as I have really been trying to improve my fitness and lose some weight by my 50th (Sept), I joined.  Yesterday was the 1st official day and I counted 3,040 steps...woohoo!  I thought, wow, that's a lot...great job!  Well, actually the daily goal is a minimum of 10,000 steps!  Okay, the 3K total was only my normal day of activity - it was rainy and my burned foot is still kind of touchy-feely, so I didn't go out and purposefully walk, but still...I didn't realize I was so sedentary.

My next door office cubicle neighbors are chatty girls that are fairly new to the workplace and range in age from mid-twenties to early-thirties.  They never shut up and I hear most of their endless conversations.  One girl proudly proclaimed this morning that she had walked over 14,000 steps yesterday, just with her normal daily activity.  Another chimed in, "oh, me too, 12,000 was really easy!", then a third piped in with more of the same!

I really need some encouragement not to just toss in the pedometer!

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